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Pillars of the Program

Trust. Loyalty. Communication. Leadership.



Tigers HPP is a high-performance baseball program that has been designed to help youth and young adult baseball players reach their potential. Here, we believe that trust between coach and player is the most important part of coaching and development. Our team of experienced coaches are committed to helping players reach their goals through physical and mental training.

We are committed to helping players reach their fullest potential and build a strong foundation to help them succeed in the sport for years to come. Whether your goal is to make the varsity team or become a professional baseball player, we are here to ensure you have the tools and resources you need to reach your goals.


Our High Performance Baseball Program is designed to maximize potential and provide comprehensive development. We focus on individualized training, technical and tactical development, and mental growth for each player. Our program is built on loyalty to each player and their families, and we will be behind them 100% to ensure they achieve their highest goals. With our experienced coaches, mentorship, and customized training plans, our players will be ready to take their game to the next level.



At our High Performance Baseball Program, we believe that communication is essential for success. We will help our players develop effective communication skills with their teammates, coaches, and scouts. Our goal is to ensure that our players are able to communicate effectively at all levels. We strive to cultivate an atmosphere of open dialogue and honest feedback, so that our players can learn to express themselves and develop clear and concise communication. We believe that strong communication skills will help our players excel both on and off the field.


At our high performance baseball program, we strive to develop leadership skills in each of our players. We focus on teaching the fundamentals of leadership such as communication, problem-solving, and setting a positive example. We provide leadership opportunities through drills, game-play, and team building activities. Our coaches and staff are committed to helping our players become strong leaders both on and off the field. We believe that each of our players will leave our program with the skills and experience to become successful leaders in whatever field they choose.

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